Rug Runners for Stairs

Rug runners for stairs certainly serve a practical purpose, but many people are pleasantly surprised by the design possibilities. Regular rugs usually don't work well on stairs (think "slip n' slide"), but there is no reason to do without the look and feel that a rug can provide for a plain or boring stairway.

Much like the hallway runner, rug runners for stairs are smooth, sleek, colorful, and designed for comfort and fashion. These extra-long rugs are ideal for breathing new life into a tired old stairwell, or adding "bounce" to a hard set of steps.

Rug runners for stairs are tightly woven using wool, nylon, synthetics, or material blends with a smooth (but not slippery) feel. The flexible flat weaves are resistant to damage, stains, and fraying, and they look new for years, even in areas of heavy traffic.

Few homes have identical stairways due to a wide range of architectural styles, so rug-makers have made rug runners for stairs even more practical. There are many sizes available for different dimensions, including some that are as long as 100 feet (maybe longer). These longer sizes are usually made through custom order. Standard lengths include 8’, 10’, 12’, 24’, and 28’, with the shorter varieties ideal for short sets of steps.

If your home has an unusual stairway length, there’s no reason to fret. Many companies can produce custom-length rug runners that will fit your staircase like a second skin. It’s worth looking into.

Rug runners for stairs don’t have individual stair shapes woven in to the pattern, so they’re able to accommodate any set of steps and risers.

Some people fasten the rug runner permanently using carpet tacks, adhesive, or similar attachments, to ensure a solid fit. Permanent fastening can keep your rug runner firmly attached, with no added hardware needed.

If you flinch at the idea of having a permanently fastened rug runner stuck to your hardwood or imported tile, rug runners for stairs are still able to please. Stair rods are a popular and attractive alternative to traditional adhesive methods. Ornate fashion rods are laid across each step, weighing down the long rug runner and pinching it up against the crook of the step. The rods lay flat across, with embellished ends and a hefty weight that keep your rug runner in place and looking great, no slippage guaranteed. These beautiful all-brass rods give the ultimate in flexibility and creativity.

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If a continuous rug runner won’t work with your decorative dreams, try stair treads instead of a long rug. They’re popular for hardwood and tile stairways, where slipping can obviously be dangerous. Adding stair treads makes hard and unyielding stair steps soft and cushy, with a warmer feel and a bit more grip for the feet. Stair treads are available in traditional flat-woven or knotted mini rug shapes, and also in the ever-popular American colonial flat braided rug (many of which are cute little ovals!).

Use a stair tread installation kit to be sure you new mini rugs don’t slip off the step. A special type of double-faced adhesive holds them firmly in place, without damaging the rug or the undersurface. You’ll be able to transform the stairs in minutes.

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If you’ve long overlooked your stairway as a potential for home decorating flair, then the time is right for a makeover. Give it a dash of paprika stripes or a splash of rainbow fibers. Make it regal with a Persian runner or down-home with a colorful clutch of pilgrim ovals. Your stairway will be ready to impress family and friends and the under layer will last years longer, too!

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