Stair Tread Rugs,
Kitchen Chair Pads,
and Trivets

Many people are pleasantly surprised to find out that they can get stair tread rugs along with kitchen chair pads and trivets to match a braided area rug. This makes it possible for people to convey the look and feel of their favorite braided rug into other aspects of their home decorating.

A stair tread rug fits neatly on a step to provide a desired look as well as comfort and safety. These rugs are as practical as they are decorative. Speaking of safety, it’s a good idea to secure the rug to the stair with double-sided tape.

Stair tread rugs come in oval or rectangular shapes and the size is 8 inches by 28 inches. They can be purchased individually or in a set of 13 stair tread rugs, which is the standard number of steps for a typical residential staircase.

Whether you call them kitchen chair pads or dining chair pads, they’ll certainly add comfort as well as a decorative touch to your chairs. The comfort aspect is especially appreciated by families, including my own, that use the dining table (or kitchen table) for family discussions or playing cards in addition to gathering there for meals.

Kitchen chair pads (or dining chair pads) come in round or square shapes. The square pads are 14 inches by 14 inches and the round pads are 14 inches across.

I remember a couple of decorative trivets hanging on the wall in my childhood home, but we had no trivets for actual use. We always used a hot pad or kitchen towel under a pot of stew or a casserole dish when those items were on the table. Having trivets that matched the kitchen chair pads or coordinated with a braided area rug was pretty much unheard of back then, at least in my family.

The trivets come in round shapes that are 9 inches across or square shapes that are 9 inches by 9 inches.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that stair tread rugs, kitchen chair pads (dining chair pads) and trivets might not have all of the colors of the corresponding braided area rug. Many braided area rugs have bands of different colors. Because of their smaller size, stair tread rugs, kitchen chair pads and trivets might only have the colors of the outer bands of the braided rug. So, if the inner bands of a braided rug are what you want to match or complement, this bit of information can help you make a better selection.

What I say about most styles of rugs also applies to a stair tread rug, kitchen chair pads (dining chair pads) and trivets; there’s almost no limit to the color variations and the ways such items can be used as part of your home decorating.

Many people never thought about having a stair tread rug, or kitchen chair pads (dining chair pads), or trivets that match or at least complement the other decorating aspects of their home simply because they didn’t realize such items were available.

What about you – are stair tread rugs and these kind of kitchen chair pads and trivets the type of things that fit in with the look and feel you want for your home?

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