Add Feng Shui To Your Space

We easily recognize a space that is beautiful. It looks balanced and feels uplifting. We are inspired to create beauty and feel uplifted in our own space. The space may be in a home or business. Some people have found that feng shui principles help achieve these design goals.

Feng shui is fun. It directs colors, composition and placement within a space. It’s like living within a compass. A compass clearly points the way towards a goal. Some people believe that using the feng shui design elements can lead to emotional, physical and financial goals. That’s quite a compass.

The designs follow principles. A color wheel follows rainbow colors from red to violet. Color effects our feelings and reactions. For example, red and yellow feel lively. Blue is calming. To use the color wheel, stand in a room and determine which direction is east, south, west and north.

South is equated with summer when more sunlight creates warmth. Sunlight is fire. Place something that has a warm color, like red or yellow, in the southern area of a room.

It’s cold in winter. Snow and ice can cover the ground for months. Snow and ice are forms of water. Water is naturally blue with shades of green. Place something blue and green in the north area of a room. Pictures of water are good. Plants are good.

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East is associated with a new day. New plans are often implemented at the start of a new day, just like making New Year’s resolutions at the start of a year. New starts bring about new growth. Placing something wood in the east of a room is associated with this direction.

West is linked with metal. Metal objects are often used for protection. Protecting children is important. Children can be helped by placing something metal in the western area of their bedroom.

Thinking of these design techniques is fun. It’s like playing a word association game. Even Donald Trump uses these styling ideas. These principles can easily be incorporated into a home, apartment, office or business.

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