Throw Rugs

Throw Rugs are a home decorator’s best friend. They’re fun and a snap to use anywhere. They add a pinch of personality and a dash of style to any spot in your home! Whether you’re rolling in dough or budget-minded, you'll find plenty of these kind of rugs ready to make your home a showcase. Beautify your floors and watch your home design ideas come to life.

Area rugs (also called floor rugs) are great for "seasoning" an entire room with big, wide designs. When your space is smaller, or your room’s bald spot isn’t worth filling wall-to-wall, you need a rug that matches your home decorating project.

Throw rugs are perfect for tight spaces and cramped corners.
Rather than cover an entire area,
a throw rug can add a burst of color where it’s needed. It can help protect traffic-prone little spots, or subtly complement your furniture.

Whatever your needs, throw rugs may well become your little decorator champions! Use them anywhere and everywhere for instant appeal.

Many throw rugs have the distinction of being two-faced. No, they won’t talk behind your back when you’re at work - but they do lead a double-life. Many work as both throw rugs and throw blankets, so they’re perfectly at home on the floor or on the furniture in areas such as the guest bedroom or the den. And, with machine-washable being a common feature, they’re a snap to clean up.

Their compact size (usually about 1’ x 3’) lets you use them anywhere. They’re sometimes available slightly larger or slightly smaller, but anything much bigger than 3 to 4 feet bridges on becoming an accent rug. Being compact doesn’t sacrifice variety or personality, though. You can select from many different types and styles of throw rugs for your home or office.

They’re suitable for the staunchest business or the wildest dorm room and everything in between.

Use "Rug Finder" to See Your Favorite Types of Rugs (Easy and Fun)
Click on the link above and use "Rug Finder" in the menu under Rugs tab. Start with any desired aspect (style, color, material, size, etc.) and narrow it down, one option at a time, until you have a rug that's just right for you!

Indoor-outdoor styles are strong enough to serve as a welcome mat, patio pad, or kitchen floater. Hand-tufted styles are heirloom-quality, just like their bigger counterparts, featuring artisan skill and timeless looks. Flat woven varieties lay smooth and comfy for hallways, doorways, and corners. Braided ovals bring a taste of Americana and are comfortable in every décor. Children’s rugs are bright and peppy, adding "cool" in a flash.

Whether you’re into Amish crafts, classic Orientals, cushy flokatis, funky shags, earthy jutes & sisals, hand-tufted country motifs, wool delights, traditional shapes and patterns, or even cotton jersey - there’s a rug that’s just right for you. Rugs in cotton, olefin, wool, silk, multi-fiber blends, suede, and acrylic are common, as are throw rugs in bamboo, polypropylene and polyester. The color palette is better than Picasso’s!

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Get that special ambiance. Toss a sultry gradient rug near the fireplace and watch romance kindle. Plop a cheery polka-dot modern rug in the hallway and make the dimly lit corridor play host to foot-level fireworks! Add a hot pink acrylic cloud rug to the bath and run your toes through the rug’s shag after a shower. With such flexibility, throw rugs just might be your favorite rug of all. Small, simple, and oh so effective!

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