Rug Runners for Halls

Many people are delighted when they see how rug runners for halls can easily transform your plain and boring passageways into areas of charm and appeal. You see, in a very real sense, halls are the lifeblood of a home. They connect our living spaces and common areas to a home's other areas. They also act as a divider between the common areas and private rooms. Yet, even as integral to home design as they are, many people overlook the potential of hallways as a space of their own.

Rug runners for halls are long and narrow, usually 2 to 3 feet wide and 5 to 10 feet long, sometimes longer. The long, extended rectangle is ideal for hallways and narrow passages, opening up a whole new world of decorative possibilities.

Like many of us, you might already have an assortment of rugs in your home. At first, adding rug runners in the halls might be daunting, but there’s no need to worry. You shouldn’t have any trouble finding ones to match your existing décor.

Many rug-makers also produce hallway versions of their popular designs, so there’s often an exact match for the rugs you have (or want). No matter how complex the main rug, the matching rug runners for halls echo the color, style, and texture of the larger rug. If you're not able to find an exact match, there will be many solid, complementary color options.

Rug runners come in a wide range of materials. From super-soft wool and silk to sturdy acrylic, nylon, and olefin. There’s earthy jute and rich blends of rug materials. Fancy shag and fluffy sheepskin. Whatever the look and feel of your home, there are rug runners for halls that will match the look.

In addition to numerous material choices, there’s a virtual rainbow of other choices. If you thought rug artisans reserved handcrafting only for larger rugs, then you probably haven’t seen the selection of hand-knotted rug runners for halls that are available. Experienced rug makers give each size of rug the same expert attention, producing high quality, handmade work.

Since nothing beats hand-worked rugs for value, heirloom quality, and sheer bragging rights, handmade rug runners are an affordable way to get a few originals for the home, without going over your budget.

As you might expect, many rug runners for halls are machine-woven, making them an excellent, low-cost way to bring character and style to any corridor. The machine-made varieties are numerous and might possibly be the most diverse with regard to styles and designs.

The home decorating options for a rug runner are limitless. Some folks use them to add a spark of life to tired old carpet, or to a darkened hallway that needs sprucing up. Others use them to prevent heavy traffic damage to the floor beneath; as a stylish way to pad heavy traffic areas. Still other people lay rug runners horizontally, as a grand, wide entrance to a sliding door or main entry. Whatever your imagination can come up with, there’s a rug runner that’s up to the challenge.

If you’ve neglected your home’s hallways in favor of adding splash to the main rooms, try experimenting. Classical oriental rugs, eye-popping modern rugs, shags, art-deco revivals, country charmers, European floral designs, and contemporary solid colors are ready to turn your boring hall into a sophisticated journey. You’ll be amazed with the space-changing results!

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