Kitchen Chair Pads

Kitchen chair pads, a familiar sight in the dining areas of many homes, are more popular than ever. They’ve always been functional, but now they can be an even bigger part of the dining area’s overall décor. It’s not only because of the wide range of designs and colors for kitchen chair pads, but also because you can get matching rugs and trivets!

Braided rugs, chair pads, and trivets that match or complement each other look great in the dining area of a cabin or a country home. In fact, they’re just right for any dining area where you want to have a cozy, comfortable look and feel. You can also get stair tread rugs that match the other items.

So, if you like braided rugs, you can get kitchen chair pads, trivets, and stair tread rugs to add that down-home charm into other aspects of your home decorating.

Chair pads add a comfortable cushion to sit on, which is really appreciated by families that gather around the dining table for family discussions, playing games as well as for meals.

My younger brother used to hide his report card or a teacher’s note under his kitchen chair pad until mom and dad were finished eating and one would ask, “Does anyone have anything to say?” I could tell when he did that because he would squirm in his chair, as if he were sitting on a cactus instead of a comfy chair pad.

The chair pads come in a square shape (14 by 14 inches) or a round shape (14 inches across). The trivets are also in a square (9 by 9 inches) or round (9 inches across) shape. The small rugs for individual stair treads are 8 by 28 inches, in either an oval or a rectangular shape. And, of course, braided rugs are available in a bounty of sizes.

Here’s something that might impact your choice of color... Many braided rugs have bands of different colors, and because of their smaller size, the chair pads and trivets might only have the colors from the outer bands of the braided rug. This is good to know in case it’s the color from the rug’s inner bands that you want to match or complement.

Just as it is with the designs and colors for other types of rugs, there’s almost no limit to the colors you can find for braided rugs and kitchen chair pads.

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