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A custom made area rug can offer something for everyone — from businesses looking for corporate branding to households trying to find a runner that fits their extra long hallway. The opportunity to order a custom made area rug can fill many needs, including specific color scheme requirements, layout problems, and sizing issues that standard rugs just can’t tackle.

While some homes are products of cookie-cutter architecture, there are others that offer unique style and unusual floor plans. Variations in layout and design can be exciting, but they might also present a challenge with regard to the selection and placement of rugs, furniture and decorative accessories. A custom made area rug can help turn your custom home or problem area into the design element you’ve been dreaming of.

Many contemporary rug makers allow you to request specialized sizing for popular rug themes and styles. If your favorite pop-art masterpiece only comes in a maximum 10’ size, you can often contact the manufacturer to see if the rug can be produced in a 12’ square—allowing you to finish off your room as you desire.

Likewise, if you have an extra long or extra curvy stairway that standard stair runners won’t get along with, most stair runner producers offer the chance to request custom lengths. They can be ordered in lengths up to 100 feet, so you’re bound to find the right runner that’s an appropriate width and length for your out-of-the-ordinary stairway.

Handcrafted rugs are also top-of-the-list for custom sizes and shapes. Many of the Tibetan, Indian, Pakistani, and Iranian rug distributors can specially commission customer-requested sizing or color combinations, for
a fee. If you need a round version of your favorite oriental medallion, or if you’re desperately seeking a 1’ x 2’ rectangle of that elaborate bamboo-infused gradient rug for your breakfast seat, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. The beauty of handmade rugs is that they are handmade, and therefore can usually be crafted in any shape or style. All you have to do is ask.

Along with requesting varied sizes of specific rugs, there are some custom made area rug makers that let you mix and match design elements. Choose your materials, overall theme (modern, traditional, exotic, feng shui, country, etc.), then choose from a smorgasbord of options. Change the border motif and color, the body style, or edges. Do your custom made area rug in all red, pink, yellow, or a wild combination of all three. Anything you can imagine can probably be done by mixing popular motifs and construction methods.

If you’re a business, a specially sized standard European floral rug may not be what you’re looking for. The entryway of your showroom is big and open—and it’s just dying for something to fill it. Where advertising is everything and empty space can equal lost revenue, your business needs a unique approach to help make first impressions favorable and memorable.

A custom made area rug can be ordered from a number of rug manufacturers, allowing you to put your company’s logo, imprint, or message on a sturdy area rug. Imagine your company’s corporate logo emblazoned in full color across a dramatic, plush surface.

With a custom made area rug, your business, team or organization can have a stylish, personalized enhancement for any type of location. Wouldn’t it be great to have your sports team’s mascot in full regalia on a circular rug in the entry of the clubhouse?

With a name like KidCarpet, you'd expect to find lots of rugs designed for kids (animals, educational themes, game boards and so forth).

And they certainly have that!  However, it's also much more than that...

At KidCarpet their carpets and rugs aren't just for kids! Take a peek and see how you can create all kinds of custom made rugs when you get an image printed on a rug OR pick a border and type in your message.

* Put your child's artwork on a rug instead of taped to the fridge

* Get a custom rug made from your favorite family or vacation photo

* Let your dog/cat curl up on a rug made from their puppy/kitten photo

* A personal greeting on a rug in your entryway will delight visitors

* You can put your company logo or motto on a custom rug

At KidCarpet page, click on green box that says "Design Your Own..."

Most custom made area rugs are crafted of the toughest fiber blends, ensuring years of heavy use—whether it's for a hotel lobby or an executive boardroom.

If a customized size, do-it-yourself, or business logo rug still isn’t what you’re seeking, maybe you’re looking for unique hand-sculpted custom rugs. There are several talented rug artists that use household carpet materials to hand-sculpt and stitch unique rugs and designs. From yin and yang designs to fish, basketballs, cherries, roses, and Mickey Mouse, you’ll find these unusual carpet sculptures in a vast array of sizes and prices.

Best of all, many of the rug sculptors also do custom colors, designs, and shapes. If your daughter child loves red tabby cats—you can likely order a sculpted rug for her bedroom. If your father-in-law enjoys martinis, a quirky martini rug for his home bar makes a great gift.

While many handcrafted rugs are smaller in size, some makers do construct large custom made area rugs, for the ultimate in personalization.

Just when you thought the world of rugs was limited to certain sizes, patterns, and colors — custom made area rugs came to your rescue! The possibilities are limited only by your time, creativity, or pursuit of a rug maker that can do what you want. Explore and expand. Get more exposure for you business logo or create the home layout you’ve dreamed of.

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