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Decorate Your Home with Rugs in Solid Colors or Unique Shapes
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Now, more than ever, rugs come in a surprisingly wide range of designs and color combinations, as well as shapes. This can make finding the right rug an exciting quest. So, let's have some fun by looking at rugs in solid colors or distinctive shapes that often get overlooked by decorators and rug shoppers.

Rugs with a solid color or a unique shape are ideal for many situations. If you have a room with busy patterns in either the furniture or the wallpaper, you'll be better off to go with a solid color rug in a complementary shade. Depending on the elements of the room, a rug with a subtle color gradient (shifting from one color tone to another) might also work well.

You might be tempted to use a rug with a country look, such as a rooster or a strawberry vine, in the kitchen. Sure, it has a familiar feel and it's functional, but is that really the best type of rug to use if you have brushed steel appliances? Color is your best friend when it comes to decorating with rugs!

There are thousands of color choices available. Consider using single-color (no pattern) rugs for a shocking expression or bold statement. Use a contrasting solid color rug to draw attention to a focal point in the room, or to offset a dominant room color. For example, an all-white dining room might have a huge impact if a solid black area rug were used underneath the dining table.

Solid color rugs allow you to be versatile. Matching the colors in a room provides a continuous-flow effect. Complementing the dominant hues can produce a satisfying artistic look. Whatever your decorating style, a solid color rug can enhance it! And, since so many people use patterned rugs, imagine how striking your simple, straightforward solid rug will be!

It's easy to sit back and think of rugs in a rectangular shape. After all, isn't that the most common shape you see at the home improvement stores or in your friend's homes? To paraphrase a popular expression, let's all "Decorate outside the rectangle!" Decorating with shape adds a whole new dimension (literally).

Consider a round or hexagonal rug in the foyer or entryway if you have a large home. A rectangular rug would probably do the job just fine, but a rug chosen for its shape lets you make more of a statement. A half-round rug looks great in front of your kitchen sink, plus, it provides you with a comfortable place to stand.

Whether you're adding a finishing touch to your home or trying to get the right look for a certain room, a rug with a unique shape might be just what you need. Rounds, hexagons, true squares, and irregular shapes can make for dramatic results. Your guests will be impressed. A unique rug can even perk up the allure of a room.

Almost every type of rug is available in non-standard shapes. So, if you just gotta have that luscious crimson and black modern rug in a round shape, go for it! With the extensive choices you have, you'll probably be able to find exactly what you want.

We hope this article has enhanced your overall awareness of rugs that often get overlooked. As you finish reading this article, ask yourself if you have the type of décor that deserves to break away from traditional designs or the familiar rectangular shape. It's good to know that the wonderful world of rugs offers so many possibilities. And, many of them are just right for your home!

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Decorate Your Home with Rugs in Solid Colors or Unique Shapes
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