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Home Decorating: People Love Rugs that Appeal to The Senses
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Using rugs here and there is a decorative way to add charm and personality to your home. Rugs help you create the look and feel you want for each room. But, it goes beyond that. Rugs are more than just floor coverings - they can also appeal to our senses.

The most obvious sense that rugs impact is sight. Rugs can create visual interest with eye-catching designs or bold colors. A rug can also be it's own focal point or it can help draw attention to something nearby. It might be a piece of furniture or a feature of the room that is highlighted because of the rug's placement.

Touch, or feel, is another major sense that many rugs appeal to. Anyone who has ever been barefoot on a cold bare floor and then stepped onto a rug has felt instant relief. I was raised in an area of the USA that has cold winters. No matter how much warmth the furnace pumped out, the bare floors were cold in our old house. New slippers were a welcome gift.

Certain types of rugs, such as shag, Flokati, and sheepskin rugs, have a remarkable feel thanks to the longer-than-usual material. When I say shag rugs, I am talking about the newer versions, not the out-dated ones from the 1970s. If you want to have a rug with cloud-like fluffiness, there's nothing better than a Flokati rug or a sheepskin rug. These rugs are just right when you want to lay on the floor in front of the TV, curl up in front of the fireplace, or just wiggle your toes in the thick, lush fibers.

In addition to the physical senses of sight and touch, many rugs can also appeal to our emotions. Rugs often convey a feeling of hospitality to guests by making a room feel warm and inviting. Many types of rugs will often generate some pleasant reactions:

  • Some braided rugs give people a cozy, down-home feeling.
  • A richly detailed, ornate rug might make one feel more regal.
  • Whimsical themes or cartoon characters can induce smiling.
  • A wildlife scene may remind someone of a favorite camping trip.
  • Floral or animal designs might appeal to one's love of nature.

    Rugs allow you to express yourself and show off your decorating style with the designs and colors you choose. And, to a lesser extent, your decorating expertise is revealed in the placement of your rugs. A rug can divide a room or it can bring the different elements of a room together. A rug can highlight a sitting area or help identify the traffic pattern from one room to another.

    Many of us decorate the rooms of our homes based on what we have and where it fits. With the right rugs, we have the opportunity to create any mood or look we want in our rooms. Best of all, there are plenty of rugs to pick from to meet almost any budget.

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    Home Decorating: People Love Rugs that Appeal to The Senses
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