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Home Decorating - Get Rugs that Put the Fun in Functional
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Rugs can serve several functional purposes, with the most obvious one being a floor covering. Rugs also provide warmth on a bare floor and help to reduce noise in a room with too many flat surfaces. Rugs can add beauty and charm to a room and they can give your room a cosmopolitan feel or more of a country feel. That's great, but our focus today is on fun!

There are plenty of rugs that put the fun in functional, from fluffy Flokati rugs to retro shags. Flokati rugs, shag rugs, and sheepskin rugs offer 3-dimensional lushness that is simply irresistible. They're at home in the office, den, or even a child's room and come in every color imaginable.

Speaking of fun, have you ever curled up on a soft fluffy rug in front of a fireplace? If you haven't tried it, you should wiggle your bare toes in the long fibers!

If a fluffy rug isn't what you have in mind, there are lots of natural material rugs like jute, sisal, and bamboo that keep the fun in functional and they let you "keep it real." These sturdy and durable rugs are both trendy and timeless (a hard thing to be) and they come in several earthy colors.

Numerous fun designer rugs are available, crafted by famous artists or fashionistas. From the legendary Andy Warhol to hip kids Mary Kate and Ashley, you'll find a broad range of officially licensed designer rugs to match your lifestyle. Many of the designer rugs take exciting chances with color scheme and layout, for one-of-a-kind creations. From goofy cartoons and streamlined oriental prints, to bold blocks and retro mixes, you'll enjoy these rugs for their durability and sense of adventure.

From traditional designs to funky geometric expressions, there are plenty of rugs that are just fun to look at. Some rugs have designs so detailed or intricate that you might not notice certain details right away.

Outdoor rugs can be used poolside, on the deck or patio, or in front of the barbecue. They come in almost any design so you can get the look you want in your outdoor living areas. The fun gets kicked up a few notches when you use an outdoor rug with a western theme for a barbecue party or a rug with a patriotic design to celebrate the Fourth of July.

When it comes to fun rugs, the ones designed for children take top prize. There are cartoon characters, farm animals, and wildlife creatures galore. Other rugs for kids come in unique shapes such as a racecar, plane, or fire truck.

Some rugs for young kids have interactive designs that help them with counting or the alphabet. Imagine the fun a child has stepping on numbers or letters as the child says them in the correct sequence. Other interactive rugs feature maps or the solar system to help a child learn different concepts.

I recently had a discussion about rugs with some friends, who also happen to be ardent rug lovers. When we mentioned fun rugs for kids, their young son asked if people that like rugs can be called fans, just like people who like sports are called sports fans. We said "Why not?" and then he posed the following question, "How much fun can a rug fan have when a rug fan has fun rugs?"

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Home Decorating - Get Rugs that Put the Fun in Functional
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