Accent Rugs - A Floor’s Best Friend

From racecars to roses, accent rugs let you add character to all of those hard-to-decorate small spaces in your home. Toss one in front of the sink or by the sofa and you’ll delight in the rug’s color and usefulness. Rugs are a floor's best friend, not to mention how much home decorators like them. A rug allows you to add personality to any spot in a matter of moments.

Accent rugs are the mainstay of interior designers. You’ve seen them in every décor magazine, gracing the likes of modern kitchens and country baths. These handy little rugs tend to be in the 3’ to 5’ range, perfect for almost every type of use. They’re popular for use in entryways or to highlight a certain area of a room. They can also be used in places where there is high traffic to help minimize damage to the underlying floor.

As with their larger counterparts, accent rugs have thousands of unique varieties available for your home. With a vast range of prices and almost every style and type of material, accent rugs offer something for everyone!

Country and floral rugs offer a cute touch of vintage American style to any space in your home. There are rich, decorative all-over flower patterns, folk art motifs, and colonial-inspired designs with abundant color and a down-home feel. With cream, rose, powder blue, gold, and ivory as common colors, they’re both playful and refined. Country rugs are often done in wool, acrylic, and cotton, for added versatility.

Braided ovals are as popular as ever, offering natural flair with durability. Many are crafted of 100% wool, while others blend wool, cotton, jute, sisal, and polypropylene for added comfort. Best of all, they’ve come a long way from the classic braided prairie rug. You’ll find a whole host of exciting colors and printed patterns.

These rugs are easy to use and a snap to care for. With their ever-lasting charm and reasonable prices, braided accent rugs will continue to be one of our favorites.

Flokati rugs are similar to shag rugs in their voluminous fluff, but they use soft, specially woven natural wool to create accent rugs that feel like a puffy cloud. Flokati rugs come from Greece, where they use ancient weaving techniques to create these versatile and fun designs. You’ll be delighted by the super-soft feel and casual beauty of the Flokati.

There’s one place where accent rugs outdo themselves. In the kid’s room. There are a multitude of styles to select from, including many designs that are educational and mentally stimulating. From shapes (like cats, dogs, dinosaurs, and trucks!) to famous cartoon and movie prints, kids have the best variety of rugs to choose from. Select an accent rug with a chessboard design for large-scale play, or pick one that looks like a street map for kids and their rolling toys. From wool to nylon, every type of material can be found (many are easy to clean) in these useful little floor coverings so you’ll be able to get the look and feel you want.

You’ll also find miniature masterpieces in traditional Persian or Indian rugs, hand-hooked in the Far East as they have been for centuries. There are also plenty of trendy designer rugs in flashy colors and geometric designs, natural bamboo, and even Native American styles, all in sizes perfectly suited for accent rugs.

If you’re looking for a little pick-me-up for that dull corner of your home, try an accent rug. They can add value to your personal space and are quite useful beyond simply “looking good” no matter whether the look you want is down-to-earth or all-out elegant.

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